Located in the Heart of Montana

Missoula is a unique place full of interesting and outdoorsy people. We can be categorized as outdoorsy by tourists or artsy by native Montanans, but we do know one thing — our hearts lie in nature and escape. And what better way to celebrate our free-spirited nature than to come to Bicycle Fitness Barn in our downtown Missoula location. We will make sure to provide you with a bike that is your perfect match.

I’m an Owner, You’re An Owner

Bicycle Fitness Barn is owned and operated by the Miller family, and was started by Jake Miller, sr. in the 1990’s. Jake Miller, Jr. now is the face of the store. He has a passion for bicycles, and has competed in many tours all over the world. Now, he is committed to selling the best used bikes in all of Montana. Jake carefully inspects and fixes all bikes before selling them, so all of the bicycles for sale in the shop are road-worthy.

Bicycle Fitness Barn also offers a co-op shop, where the Millers encourage you to fix any bike issues. In addition to providing you with the tools to fix everything from a loose chain to a flat tire, the Millers promise that for every 10 hours you spend volunteering in the co-op to help others learn how to fix their bikes you will receive a $5 credit to the store. We are dedicated to keeping our customers happy and on the road, so we want you to have a place to fix up any bike you might have.

So Why Bike?

We at Bicycle Fitness Barn believe that biking is the path to fitness and a good time. While many exercises, like running, are hard on your joints and your body overall, biking is fairly low-impact: and therefore is a good way to prevent obesity or diabetes. Additionally, biking is much more environmentally friendly than cars, as it takes almost 42% more energy to drive a car than it does to take a ride on your bike. More energy means more greenhouse gasses, so choosing a bike over a car will lessen the toll that humans take on the planet.

Pay For Quality

Impact on the environment (and on your wallet!) is important to Bicycle Fitness Barn. We want you to be happy with your used bike, and while it is important to us that you pay less for your new mode of transportation, we also want to give you a quality product. Bike prices are on par with our competitors, but we guarantee a ride that will get you from here to there for years to come.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with our store, please reach out to us. We are available every day of the week.