The Best Way to Bike!

Biking has been a hobby and a sport for years and years and the methods to make it better just keep coming. There are so many variations of bicycle and tricycle it’s almost alarming. Athletes have dozens of options to choose from, depending on the style they prefer. Bikes have also been tailored for those simply looking for a workout at home on in the gym, recumbent bikes are a good example of this.

While many might think that the recumbent bike is a newer thing, early designs and models of what we see today can be traced back all the way to the mid 18000’s. The first recorded model appeared in a German magazine in 1893. After this, other designs and makes started to appear but very few were successful. The history of these bicycles is long and very detailed and discusses how this style developed alongside standing bikes. Many trials and errors occurred with the beginning of the “lying down” bike but with the efforts, we have a truly amazing product today.

In Home Cardio

Deciding on what kind of workout machine to use for cardio really depends on your fitness level. Treadmills can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time but are really hard on the joints. The nice thing about recumbent bikes is their ability to fit into most every level of physical fitness. Laying in horizontal position is better for the knees and the lower back. Running on a treadmill puts strain on both of these body parts. This style of bike also caters to those with weaker lungs or less developed muscle, as they’re easier to use for longer periods of time. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even use dumbbells while you’re peddling. The benefits of using this type of machine for cardio are extensive. If you’ve been looking for an alternative machine, this might just be it!


This bike can be used for more than just working out. If you’re someone that enjoys nature trails or going on long walks, this could be a great option for you. You’ll be able to go for longer and cover more ground. You’d be surprised at just how fast this speed demons can go. In fact, they’re so fast that one can not race them in regular bike races as they are considered a separate class of vehicle. Their aren’t too many differences between a recumbent bike and a standard bike, save for the laying position and the speed. Okay, they’re a little more involved that normal bikes but generally, they’re pretty similar. However, once you ride one, you’ll never go back to sitting on a bike seat again. Comfortable, versatile and speedy, recumbent bikes are the new way to ride!